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Seminar „Between physics, biology and medicine”

The seminar „Between physics, biology and medicine” is dedicated to the presentation of the latest achievements and research in the field of biophysics and medical physics. The hosts of the seminar are prof. Ewa Ł. Stępień, the head of the Department of Medical Physics, and prof. Paweł Moskal, the head of the Department of Experimental Particle Physics and Applications. The seminar is organized regularly every other Wednesday at 16:15 in lecture hall A-1-08.

The speakers of the seminar are invited guests from polish and foreign universities, our collaborators, scientists interested in application of physics in medical and biological research.

Past seminars

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prof. Katarzyna Cieślik (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA)

event-date: 15.10.2019
prof. Katarzyna Cieślik

Tytuł referatu:
"Fibrosis in the aging heart”

Zapraszamy na seminarium, które odbędzie się w dniu 15 października (wtorek) o godz. 16.00 w sali A-1-08. Prelegent: prof. Katarzyna Cieślik z Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research, Houston, USA. Temat seminarium: "Fibrosis in the aging heart”.

Curriculum vitae prelegentki.

Announcement about the seminar.



Repair processes after myocardial infarction (MI) replace necrotic tissue with extracellular matrix (ECM) to provide a mechanically stable scar and restore the damaged structural scaffold. Insufficient replacement fibrosis leads to infarct expansion and heart failure. By contrast, interstitial fibrosis is a pathological process that increases passive stiffness and contributes significantly to impaired diastolic function leading to cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Adaptive, replacement fibrosis after MI is impaired in the aging heart. Concomitantly, the prevalence of non-adaptive, pathological interstitial fibrosis of unknown etiology increases in the aging heart. The cellular and molecular mechanisms causing these dysfunctions in the aging heart as well as the possible rescue strategies will be discussed.

Zdjęcia z seminarium

Published Date: 17.10.2019
Published by: Tomasz Malarz