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Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Bilewicz (Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jądrowej, Warszawa, Polska)

Termin: 21.01.2020

Tytuł referatu:
"Short range particles emitters in radionuclide therapy"

Zapraszamy na seminarium, które odbędzie się w dniu 21 stycznia 2020 r. (wtorek) o godz. 16.15 w sali A-1-08. Prelegent: Prof. Aleksander Bilewicz (Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jądrowej w Warszawie). Temat seminarium: "Short range particles emitters in radionuclide therapy”.

Curriculum vitae prelegenta

Announcement about the seminar


Currently, the most important problem in oncology is the effective treatment of tiny clusters of tumor cells, micrometastases or even single cancer cells. In this case spectacular therapeutic results are achieved recently with use of the targeting molecules labeled with the emitters of short distance corpuscular radiation like α and Auger electron particles which are well suited for this purpose because of their inherent high energy and short range, contributing to their high LET and radiobiologic effectiveness.

In the first part of the lecture new radiopharmaceuticals based on α emitters will be presented. Particular attention will be paid to various concepts of radionuclides binding to biologically active molecules, properties of obtained radiopharmaceuticals and the first results of their application in clinical trials.

In the second part of the lecture, the studies on radiopharmaceuticals labelled with Auger emitters, which are currently being carried out at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw will be discussed. At the end the concept of application 195mPt labelled platinum nanoparticles in hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) treatment will be presented.


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